7 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples on a Budget

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

There are so many awesome things to do in Las Vegas for couples, it’s almost overwhelming.

My last trip to Las Vegas was my husband’s first trip, and since it was a quick getaway I made an itinerary to show him some of my favorite things on the Vegas Strip in only one short day.

As always, there was a lot of action happening on the strip, but there were quite a few moments that we found to be extra special. Those are the moments that make vacations so memorable; so much that you can’t wait to go back, right?!

With TONS of things to do in Las Vegas, it is hard to determine what to do, especially if you are only staying in Vegas for a short time. In this post, I will show you some of my favorite things to in Las Vegas for couples.

7 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

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Eating Gelato at the Venetian Las Vegas

1. Eat gelato and people watch

This was the very first time either of us tried “gelato”. I don’t know if it was natural, organic, homemade, or whatever…and I don’t care. I just know that it was damn good. I was craving that gelato for months after we got home.

We saw gelato places all over the strip, so it should not be hard for you to find one. We tried two places, one outside of the Venetian near the Gondola boats, and the other inside of Planet Hollywood. Both were excellent!

It was fun to actually take a break from the busy strip and sit and people watch. There is always something interesting going on!

Gondola Boat ride at the Venetian Las Vegas

2. Ride the gondola boat at The Venetian

I just love this hotel and didn’t have the extra cash to stay there, so I decided to splurge for the Gondola boat ride instead. Hey, it’s the next best thing to the real thing in Italy, right? And who would have thought there would actually be a real Italian gondolier to drive us?! Maybe she was making that up (although she did have an accent and a story), but either way, it was a nice touch. Way to go Venetian!

Tip- When you buy your tickets just stick with the shared boat option instead of paying extra for the private boat. Chances are you will get your own private boat anyways unless it’s crazy busy.

Transportation in Las Vegas

3. Explore the Strip from the city bus

I love riding the bus when I go to new places, don’t you?! It makes me feel like I am experiencing the city as a local, plus it’s so much cheaper than any other transportation.

I definitely recommend riding around the city bus if this is your first time in Las Vegas. It will give you a great idea of everything you can see and do on the strip, so then you know what you might want to see, or where you might want to stay during your next trip!

Las Vegas even has the double-decker bus so if you get lucky you can get a seat on top with a front-row view as we did! The bus system seemed pretty easy to navigate, but I always recommend having an idea of how it works before you go.

I do recommend getting the 24-Hour pass so you can hop on and off as much as you wish. For only $8 it is well worth it and you can buy it from a machine at the bus stop. Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Some other Las Vegas transportation options:

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Las Vegas Monorail Groupon Deal

The Bellagio fountains with Paris hotel in the background

4. Get mesmerized by the Bellagio fountains

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without watching the Bellagio Fountains! This is one of the most unforgettable moments in Las Vegas, by far.

We watched several fountain shows and each one was different. This is my all-time favorite thing to do in Las Vegas. Not only because it is free, but the fountains are so mesmerizing I just cannot help but watch them over and over. If you are trying to do Las Vegas on a budget, you can easily fill in your itinerary with shows like this.

No tickets are necessary since this is an outdoor show, so you just need to find the big pond in front of the hotel and wait. Daytime shows are every 30 minutes, and nighttime shows happen every 15 minutes. Get there a little early if you want a front-row spot, the spots fill up quickly!

The Mirage volcano

5. Watch the volcano erupt at The Mirage

This is another free Las Vegas show that should not be excluded from your list! The fire, the drums, the music, everything is just amazing. I love to get a spot all the way in the front so I can feel the heat from the flames!

This is another show that fills up really quickly. My favorite spot is on the strip side facing the hotel, to the left of the big volcano where the pond with the Mirage logo is (just like in the photo above). They only have 2 showtimes during the week (at 7 and 8 pm) and 3 showtimes on Friday and Saturday (at 7, 8, and 9 pm).

Bellagio Botanical Gardens

6. Check out the Bellagio Botanical Gardens

This was my very first time visiting the Bellagio Botanical gardens, and will not be my last. The gardens were filled with gorgeous flowers and decorations, and they change the theme each season!

This is another free Las Vegas activity and can be viewed at any time inside the hotel. Be sure to check their website for the “dark dates” when the gardens are closed.

Freemont Street in Las Vegas

7. Get a little wild on Fremont Street

This is yet another one of those cheap and fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples! You could even make this a free activity like we did (we did not eat, drink, or participate in any activities, only sightsee).

Fremont Street was definitely a unique experience, but probably not something I would go out of my way for on the next trip. I am still glad we did see it at least once, it was definitely entertaining!

My first impression is that this is more of the “wilder” side of Vegas that may not be for everyone. We saw (and experienced) quite a few things that were totally inappropriate (such as unappealing naked people and a guy getting knocked out and falling to the ground next to me), but I suppose that’s what made it so fun and interesting!

If you visit Fremont Street, it might be worth checking out the zip lines. We decided not to try them, but just walking through the street and seeing all of the action around us was entertaining enough!

Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples on a Budget

So there you have it, 7 fun things to do in Las Vegas as a couple!  Comment below to tell me YOUR favorite Las Vegas experiences!

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7 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples on a Budget7 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples on a Budget

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