Staying at Joshua Tree Acres

The Joshua Tree Acres Airstream

Thanks to Instagram, I came across a post once from this girl who was in Joshua Tree, staying in a fabulous, vintage, super cute Airstream trailer. She made the place look like a dreamy fantasy! I immediately added it to my Southern California bucket list.


At that time I had never even heard of the term “Airstream”, but I knew I had to stay there. As soon as I found this place I pretty much booked my trip immediately.

I spent the most perfect weekend in this vintage Airstream at Joshua Tree Acres in Joshua Tree, California. This little slice of heaven was absolutely amazing, and because I quickly fell head over heels in love with this place I need to share it with all of you!

Before we start I would like to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post, and my trip was fully paid for by myself. This is what my experience was really like!

The Joshua Tree Airstream Experience: Staying at Joshua Tree Acres

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Drone shot view of the Joshua Tree Acres Airstream

The Location

For those of you who have never been to Joshua Tree, imagine a small desert town with mountain views, magical looking trees and an expansive National Park nearby. It’s the outdoor lover’s paradise.

The town is super small with only one main road running through that has a few cafes, antique stores, and vintage clothing boutiques. The vibe here is very retro, artsy, and hippie. Joshua Tree is something totally unique.

The town of Joshua Tree is a quick 2-2.5 hour getaway from Los Angeles or Orange County. This Joshua Tree retreat is about 10 minutes from town, and 10 minutes away from the nearest entrance to Joshua Tree National Park.

It’s far enough away from the main road and town that you will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, but also close enough to anything you would need such as restaurants and stores.

A short dirt road will lead you to this desert hideaway that sits on 10 acres of Joshua Trees and Cholla cacti. There are not many other properties around; if you really looked you might see one or two. Plus, the property is perfectly situated for some amazing sunset views!

Entrance to the Joshua Tree Acres Airstream

The Vintage Airstreams

When you arrive at the property you will find four vintage Airstream trailers, all somewhat different in their own little ways. Each trailer has its own name and number, and you can find that number on a sign in front of each Airstream.

The Airstream that I stayed in was the 1964 Sound of Silence. This had to be the cutest trailer on the property since it is surrounded by a few gorgeous Joshua Trees.

The Sound of Silence has a large front deck with a table and chairs and two swinging chair hammocks. Unfortunately, those hammocks were on separate ends of the deck, but this is the only downside to this trailer.

The inside of the trailer is still in its original retro condition. Some small details have been added to increase the look and feel of the 60’s and 70’s, such as vintage books, blankets, and a modern but vintage style radio.

The trailer has an air conditioner and a small electric heater for the winter months. The on-site manager was nice enough to turn the AC unit on before we arrived so we had a nice cool trailer when we got there.

There is a full-size bed with super comfy blankets and pillows, a dining table, a couch, and enough little nooks and crannies for storing your stuff. The inside is so cute that I could stay there all day long, however, I spent most of my time outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.

The original kitchen and bathroom are still in the trailer, but they do not function since there is no running water to the trailer. Instead of using the kitchen and bathroom in your trailer, you will use the common area.

The common area at Joshua Tree Acres

The Common Areas

The common area is conveniently located in the middle of the property. It’s close to all four trailers, but far enough that you shouldn’t hear other guests who are using the area.

At first, the common area seems a little small, but once you walk around the property you will notice there is actually a lot of stuff here!

The common area building itself includes a full indoor kitchen, a living room area, and a full bathroom. The outside extension of the building includes a very large dining table that could accommodate every single guest staying at the property, and a large outdoor kitchen.

Close to the building are a hot tub, fire pit, and a hammock lounge. The hammocks are perfect for stargazing, reading a book, or taking a nap. There is also a bocce ball area behind the building.

There is a solar powered outdoor shower to the left of the common area, and a small salt pool towards the back of the property. The largest bathroom area is all the way to the left of the property and is super simple but very convenient.

The property at Joshua Tree Acres

The Hospitality

The property hosts are three people who share ownership and responsibility. I did not speak with either of them, but according to the emails regarding my booking, I can tell that would be available in case I needed anything. A lot of information was sent regarding the property, the area, things to do, what to eat, and so on.

There is an on-site manager, who was available from the moment I arrived. He explained a little bit about the property and where the common areas and bathrooms were. I saw him several times during the stay as he was working around the property, so he was readily available.

The property is well maintained and very clean, considering it is in the middle of the desert surrounded by sand and cacti. I suppose the reason they are able to keep it so clean is mostly due to the fact that no shoes are allowed inside the trailers or common area. Can you imagine trying to clean sand out of everything?! Be respectful and remove your shoes, please.

Aside from keeping it clean I also noticed small little details were changed throughout the day. For example, one day the bath mat was changed from morning to night, which I thought was a nice detail.

Things to Bring for Your Trip

Considering the fact that this is basically a “glamping” experience, there are a few things you might want to bring with you.

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Walking through Joshua Tree National Park

Things to Do in Joshua Tree


First things first, if you are staying at a property like this you probably want to get in some relaxation time, and this is the perfect place for it. One of my favorite parts about this weekend getaway was just simply hanging out on the property.

I spent one night stargazing in the hammock lounge in the common area, and the next night watching the sunset from the hammock chair on my deck. I tried reading for a little while on the couch inside the trailer, but it was so comfortable that I ended up taking a little nap instead. The peace and quiet felt amazing.

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Explore Joshua Tree National Park

I would assume that most people who are visiting Joshua Tree are probably there specifically for Joshua Tree National Park. This park attracts millions of visitors each year, and for good reason, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

The park has so many different landscapes, from tall rock formations to flat desert. The complete drive through the park without stopping should take around 1.5 hours (one way)…but if you are anything like me and want to get pictures of everything, this will not be possible.

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My very first trip to Joshua Tree National Park took me around 6 hours and I only made it about a third of the way through the park. During this most recent trip, I decided to finish my tour through the park. I made only a few stops along the way, and it took about 3 hours round-trip.

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Shop the Markets

Another thing to do in Joshua Tree is to visit the markets and shops. There is a farmer’s market every Saturday morning, a few flea markets to wander around, and several vintage clothing stores in town.

Breakfast at Frontier in Joshua Tree

Where to Eat in Joshua Tree

There are a few excellent restaurants and cafes that you can try in town:

Sunset from the Joshua Tree Acres Airstream

Final Thoughts on Joshua Tree Acres

I always try to look for experiences that offer good value, and this is definitely one of them. I highly recommend staying at Joshua Tree Acres!

If you are looking to save some money on your trip, I recommend booking during the summer off-season if you don’t mind the heat.

Overall, staying at Joshua Tree Acres was absolutely amazing! It was definitely an experience that I want to have again. I will be visiting another Joshua Tree Airstream in the future.

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Have you been to Joshua Tree before? Where is your favorite place to stay?


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Staying at Joshua Tree AcresStaying at Joshua Tree Acres

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