How to Start a WordPress Blog in 10 Steps with Bluehost

Have you been thinking of starting a blog?

Wondering how to start a WordPress Blog on your own, with little to no experience?

I got you!

When I first started my blog, I was on my own. I had no idea what I was doing.

A lot of time was spent researching and reading tons of “how to start a blog” posts. I spent hours and hours trying to create my master to-do list before I actually started my blog.

You know what? I was stressing myself out with all that research. I needed to take action.

Once I finally took the first step I felt so much better. I think you will too.

I know starting a blog can seem like a stressful experience. Nobody said it would be easy.

That’s why I created my own To-Do List before I launched my blog. My list will break things down for you step-by-step so you know exactly what you need to do.

For now, let’s just focus on one of these steps, which is starting a WordPress Blog through Bluehost. If you are serious about blogging and want to eventually monetize it (make money from it), you should definitely use a self-hosted service.

Self-hosting gives you more control over your blog and the best thing is that you fully own it. You can completely customize it however you want. Change whatever you want, add product ads and affiliate links, there are no limitations!

Starting a blog might seem technical and complicated, but Bluehost makes it easy. During my research, I found that Bluehost is one of the top-recommended hosts for beginners.

This was actually the easiest part of the entire process of launching my blog. Follow these step-by-step instructions, check out my list of blogging resources for beginners, and you will be on your way to blogging in no time!

How to Start a WordPress Blog in 10 Steps with Bluehost

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How to start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost


First things first, click here to get started with Bluehost. Once you arrive at the screen below, click the green “get started now” button.

Bluehost get started screen


Next, you will need to select a plan. Go ahead and start with the basic plan for now.

Screen to select a Bluehost plan


Hopefully you have already decided on a name for your blog. If so, go ahead and search for it under the “new domain” box. It is recommended that you use a standard “.com” domain. It is best if you are confident in your blog name, but if not you can always change it later. This is something I actually had to do since I decided to change my name, and Bluehost got it all taken care of for me.

Choose a Domain screen


Next, you will need to fill in your account and package information. Aside from the standard hosting price, there are a few additional options to choose from. I personally did not sign up for any extras, but this is totally up to you!

If you select the 36-month plan you will get the best price!

Bluehost account information screen


Now it is time to enter your payment information.


Choose and create your password.

Password screen


Login screen


Now it is time to pick a theme. The theme is basically the design of your website, but it can always be changed! I started with a free theme until I realized there were some design limitations, so I upgraded to this theme.

Pick a theme screen


Setting up WordPress is super simple, actually so simple that I didn’t even know how or when I installed mine when I went through these steps! You are able to install WordPress with just one click.

Wordpress screen


Bluehost will take you through the steps to get started on WordPress, and you are all set!

Wordpress dashboard

STEP #10

Next time you log into Bluehost, your screen will appear like below, and you can click the blue “log in to WordPress” to get back to your blog.

Bluehost Cpanel screen


It’s that simple!

Click here to start your blog today!

Now, onto the fun stuff…

For more detailed instructions on how to successfully prepare your blog for launch, read my Essential To-Do List.

As always, let me know if you have any questions at all on how to start a WordPress Blog!

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