Devils Golf Course in Death Valley National Park

If there’s one thing you cannot miss in Death Valley, it’s Devils Golf Course. While researching what to see during a very quick 2-day road trip to Death Valley, this is one spot that kept coming up. And it’s easy to see why.

Devils Golf Course will make you feel like you are on another planet.

The whole park will pretty much make you feel that way from the moment you drive in.

Walking through Devils Golf Course in Death Valley

It is in a very convenient location – right across from Artists Drive and Artists Palette and on the way to Badwater Basin, another very popular sight to see in Death Valley.

So, if Devils Golf Course isn’t already in your itinerary you should definitely add it.

What You Need to Know About Visiting Devils Golf Course in Death Valley National Park

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Landscape at Devils Golf Course in Death Valley

As I mentioned, Devils Golf Course is just a quick pit stop on the way to Badwater Basin from Furnace Creek, which I’m assuming you plan on visiting (if not, you should). Give yourself at least an extra 20 minutes to add this stop in. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting.

Devils Golf Course in Death Valley National Park

History of Devils Golf Course

An old guidebook once said, “only the devil could play golf on such rough links”, so that could be where the fun name came from. Take one look at the rough and jagged landscape and it’s easy to see why such a statement was made.

Created many, many, many years ago, the crystallized salts that make up this otherworldly landscape were formed by ancient lakes. And then the winds and rain gave them their shape. Salt continues to be deposited by occasional floods so the crystals are constantly changing.

Landscape at Devils Golf Course

Know Before You Go

Before you attempt to explore Devils Golf Course, there’s one very important thing you need to know.

Wear good shoes!

This landscape is so rough and sharp that you could hurt yourself if you don’t wear appropriate shoes. Sandals, flip flops, or soft-soled shoes are not going to cut it. You need to wear a pair of decent hiking shoes or tennis shoes to walk through.

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Other than that, just know the basic tips for visiting Death Valley National Park:

  • Bring lots of water! All year-round, no matter what.
  • Wear a sun hat and bring lots of sunscreen.
  • Keep your gas tank full since services are limited.
  • Have extra food on hand since there aren’t many food options available.
  • Bring a printed map since there is no cell phone signal in most of the park.

Here is a nice Death Valley visitor’s guide for you to reference which includes a map.

Mountain view from Devils Golf Course

How to Get to Devils Golf Course

It’s really easy to drive to Devils Golf Course. From the main road, which is Badwater Road, you’ll head south from Furnace Creek towards Badwater Basin.

Shortly after the exit for the one-way Artists Drive on the left side, you’ll see a dirt road on the right. Turn right here. You will see a sign pointing out where you are headed and that’s how you’ll know you’re on the right road.

Follow that dirt road all the way to the end, then turn left. Shortly ahead you’ll see the parking area where the road ends.

You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see the educational sign for the location. Plus, well, you’ll just know by looking at the scenery which gets larger and crazier as you drive in.

Here is the exact Google map location for Devils Golf Course, but remember you won’t have cell phone signal inside the park so bring your printed map and save my directions!

That OC Girl standing in Devils Golf Course

Exploring Devils Golf Course

I encourage you to spend some quality time here and take it all in. This is one location that amazed me the most. After seeing several of the most famous things to see in Death Valley National Park, Devils Golf Course is my favorite.

Feel free to walk through the landscape. I was not able to find any information that says you cannot. Just pay attention to where you step because falling would be painful! This landscape is very rough.

Stay quiet and see if you can hear the popping and cracking noises coming from the salt. Apparently, that sound is the salt pinnacles expanding and contracting. You should be able to hear it on a warm or sunny day.

Get in close and take a look at the salt. Touch it and notice how hard it is. There may be some spots that crumble if you touch. You can even see sections that look like little caves under the rough rock.

Devils Golf Course is unlike anything you’ll ever see in your life. Enjoy it! After you are finished, head across the main road to Artists Drive and Artists Palette – here’s a view of it from the dirt road as you leave Devils Golf Course.

View of Artists Drive from Devils Golf Course

Stay safe exploring out there and let me know if you have any questions!


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Devils Golf Course in Death Valley National Park

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