8 of the Best Beaches in Laguna Beach

If you have never been to Laguna Beach before, understand that Laguna is not just one single beach. Laguna Beach has around 20 or so different little coves and beaches! With that many beaches to choose from, you might need some help trying to figure out which one you want to spend the day at.

How do you decide which specific beach in Laguna Beach to spend your day at?

From a local’s point of view, I’m going to break it down for you and show you which beaches are the best beaches in Laguna Beach and where to find them.

Some of these are super easy to find and can be seen while driving through Laguna. Others could be considered a little more secret; beaches that you might only know about if you are a local…

There are a lot of rocky sections at Rockpile Beach, which are great to explore during low tide.

So just a couple notes before we dive in.

Some of these beaches will require you to walk through neighborhoods. The locals might not be too happy with me sharing their favorite beach spots, so take care not to disturb them, please!

Parking in Laguna Beach can be a little bit of a pain in the summer season, but I will give you some recommendations on where to park in Laguna Beach at the end of this post.

Let’s get to it. In no particular order, here is my list of the best beaches in Laguna Beach, California, including why they made the list, how to find them, and tips for visiting!

8 of the Best Beaches in Laguna Beach, California

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You will have amazing views of Treasure Island Beach from the park above. This is an overview of part of the beach and a cool sea cave.

1. Treasure Island Beach

How to Get to Treasure Island Beach:

Treasure Island Beach is located on the south end of Laguna Beach, right below the Montage Resort.

Here is the exact location of Treasure Island Beach.

My first choice for parking is along the PCH using free or metered parking. I then enter using the public stairs on the right side of the Montage.

If you are not able to find a parking spot there, or if you can’t take the stairs, park at Lot 7 or Lot 8. You can then take the pathway on the left side of the Montage.

Why it made the list:

Treasure Island Beach is absolutely gorgeous. It might just be one of the most Instagrammable places in Laguna Beach. The landscaping, the color of the water, the sand, and the views…are all amazing.

Since this beach is directly below the Montage Resort, they have a big part in making sure the beach and park areas look impeccable.

My favorite things to do at Treasure Island are catching a morning yoga class in the park, take photos of the sea cave, and lounge on the beach taking in the views. This beach is also a great spot to swim! On the north end, you will find a rock section that helps block the waves. This is a good area to swim and snorkel.

There’s also a more secluded beach section if you are looking for that remote feeling. This beach can be found on the far north end. If you take the pathway past the Montage on your right and the park on your left, it will be the very last ramp down to the beach. Look to the right and you have found it.

Tips for Visiting Treasure Island Beach:

It is a little bit of a trek from the PCH down to the beach. Be prepared for a lot of stairs if you are entering through the right side of the Montage Resort. If you are carrying a lot of stuff and need a ramp, enter from the left side of the Montage, across from Wesley Drive.

Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach has a lot of space to spread out.

2. 1000 Steps Beach

How to Get to Thousand Steps Beach:

1000 Steps Beach is located on the south end of Laguna Beach, near 9th Avenue and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

Here is the exact location of 1000 Steps Beach.

There is no designated parking area for this beach, so you will have to be patient looking for a spot along the PCH.

You will find the public access at the intersection of 9th Avenue and the PCH. Begin making your way down the long path of stairs to the beach. There is something like 220 steps. Really, I counted them. Prepare yourself for that workout once you are ready to leave.

Why it made the list:

Thousand Steps Beach has been a Laguna Beach favorite for quite some time. One reason may be due to the “secret” pools. By the way, some of these pools may not be easily accessible or open to the public. Some of them could be dangerous or on private property. I have not been to these pools myself for those reasons, so it’s best not to take any chances.

I enjoy 1000 Steps Beach because of its size and of course, the views are great. There is plenty of space to spread out, even during the busy summer months.

This is a good beach for skim boarding, boogie boarding, and tide pooling!

If the tide is low, you should be able to access the sea cave on the south end of the beach. But only if the tide is low enough, again, don’t take any chances!

Tips for Visiting Thousand Steps Beach:

You really have to be in decent shape to make your way up and down the stairs here. If you are visiting with someone that is not able to make their way up and down 222 steps, I would skip this beach.

An overview of the coastline at Rockpile Beach in Laguna.

3. Rockpile Beach

How to Get to Rockpile Beach: 

Rockpile Beach is on the south end of Heisler Park, one beach north of Main Beach.

Here is the exact location of the stairs to Rockpile Beach.

Use the parking meters on Cliff Drive for access to Rockpile Beach through Heisler Park.

You will find Rockpile Beach right below the park. The staircase that you need to use is in between the gazebo near Las Brisas restaurant and the flag pole to the north.  

Why it made the list:

You will definitely feel like you have stepped into paradise at Rockpile beach. The rocky cliff-side is full of palm trees and plenty of gorgeous photo opportunities. Plus, you might feel a little more secluded here since it is a smaller beach and typically not very crowded.

One thing I love doing at Rockpile Beach is exploring the tidepools!

Tips for Visiting Rockpile Beach:

Bring your water sandals for this beach as the rocks will be too difficult to explore without them! Visit during low tide so you can explore the tide pools.

An overview of Crescent Bay Beach, a beautiful beach inside of a cove.

4. Crescent Bay Beach

How to Get to Crescent Bay Beach:

Crescent Bay is a beautiful cove on the north side of Laguna Beach near the north end of Cliff Drive and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

Here is the exact location of Crescent Bay.

Crescent Bay Beach is not visible from the main road, but you should have no problem navigating to it.

Parking is very limited here, so try to find a spot along Cliff Drive or on the PCH.

There are two ways to access Crescent Bay, one path is off of Circle Way, and the other is off of Barranca St.

Why it made the list:

Do I need to explain with that palm tree view?! I love that this cove is surrounded by rocky cliffs and that there is a palm tree jungle on top. I could sit on this beach all day long taking in the view!

Besides the view, I love Crescent Bay for swimming and lounging. It might be in a small cove but it is big enough that even when crowded you should have enough space. It kind of feels like you are in a completely different beach city because it is secluded in its own little cove.

Crescent Bay Beach is also a great spot for skimboarding, SUP, and snorkeling! You can also explore the tide pools at low tide.

Tips for Visiting Crescent Bay Beach:

This is a beach where you can spend the entire day. Bring all of your favorite beach day essentials because you are not going to want to leave.

An overview of the busy Main Beach on a summer day.

5. Main Beach

How to Get to Main Beach:

Main Beach is located in the heart of Laguna Beach, right on Broadway Street and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

Here is the exact location of Main Beach.

You can park along the PCH or in the downtown area (around Forest or Ocean Ave).

Why it made the list:

Main Beach is where you want to be for all of the action. This is the most crowded beach in Laguna and the one where you will find the most things to do.

There are basketball and volleyball courts, green areas, a playground, restaurants, shops, beach rentals, walking paths, and more! The beautiful Heisler Park is right next door too!

Plus, this is an excellent beach for swimming!

Tips for Visiting Main Beach:

No specific tips, but if you are someone who does not want to be near the crowds, I would avoid Main Beach. However, I do feel that it should be experienced at least once! Stop by the historic (and iconic) lifeguard tower, which sits right across from Ocean Ave along the PCH.

An overview of Victoria Beach and the Pirate Tower.

6. Victoria Beach

How to Get to Victoria Beach:

Victoria Beach is located on the south end of Laguna Beach, near Victoria Drive and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

Here is the exact location of the stairs that give you access to Victoria Beach. I have had issues getting to Victoria Beach via Google Maps, so don’t use “Victoria Beach” as your destination. Instead, use “Victoria Drive”.

There is no designated parking area for Victoria Beach, so you will have to find parking along the PCH.

The entrance to this beach is a little tricky because it is hiding in between the houses at the intersection of Victoria Drive and Sunset Terrace.


Why it made the list:

Victoria Beach is famous for the Pirate Tower, which is a sort of mystical-looking castle right on the beach! The tower is private property so you cannot go inside of it, but it is still super cool to check out.

This beach is also famous for the man-made concrete pool which is nearby the Pirate Tower. You may have seen this pool on social media photos…in the typical drone shot of someone swimming in the circular pool full of water. That’s right here on Victoria Beach.

Whether you want to find the Pirate Tower on Victoria Beach, try to swim in the pool, skimboard, or just chill, this is pretty much one of the coolest beaches in Laguna Beach.

Tips for Visiting Victoria Beach:

If you want to see the Pirate Tower you should visit during low tide. If the tide is too high it probably won’t be safe to get close to the tower. The section near the tower is rocky, so bring water shoes.

On the other hand, if you want to see the concrete pool with water in it, you will have to go during high tide. I would try to get there during low tide so you can check out the tower, and stay long enough for high tide so you can see the pool fill up.

Aliso Beach is a family beach, and the only beach in Laguna that has firepits.

7. Aliso Beach

How to Get to Aliso Beach:

Aliso Beach is located on the south end of Laguna Beach near the Aliso Creek.

Here is the exact location of Aliso Beach.

Aliso Beach is super easy to get to and even has a designated parking area right off of the Pacific Coast Highway. Parking is only $1/hour here!

Why it made the list:

Aliso Beach has everything you could ever need for a full-on beach day with the entire family. Plus, this is the only beach in Laguna that has designated fire pits!

There is a grassy park area for the kids and a food concession area (with alcohol!) for the adults. You can skimboard, surf, swim, play volleyball, cookout, have a fire, and more!

Tips for Visiting Aliso Beach:

Bring all of your beach items, because this will be an entire day of fun in the sun! Get there early…this beach is busy and the fire pits get taken up quickly.

Table Rock Beach is sandy with a small rocky section in the middle.

8. Table Rock Beach

How to Get to Table Rock Beach:

Table Rock Beach is located on the very south end of Laguna Beach, near Table Rock Drive and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

Here is the exact location of Table Rock Beach.

There is no designated parking area, so find a spot along the PCH.

Walk down Table Rock Drive to find the beach entrance on the left-hand side. Follow the pathway and stairs down to the beach.

Why it made the list:

This gorgeous hidden beach will give you that secluded feeling you might be looking for, plus you will definitely feel like a Laguna Beach local. Surrounded by cliffs, Table Rock is hiding in its own little cove and offers gorgeous views on all sides.

Table Rock is not a busy beach, so you can really relax here without the rush of activities and people everywhere. In my experience, this is by far the quietest beach in Laguna.

Tips for Visiting Table Rock Beach:

Due to the stairs, this beach may not be for everyone. Go during low tide to see the sea cave to the south.

Where to Park in Laguna Beach

Parking in Laguna Beach is very limited. There are a lot of residential areas near the beach, and lots and lots of hills. This makes looking for a parking spot a little frustrating.

You basically have three types of parking options: Metered parking, daily parking lots, and some free parking.

Metered Parking:

Available in popular areas such as along the Pacific Coast Highway, Downtown, and Cliff Drive. Prices range from $1-$4.50/hour and most have a time limit.

Daily Parking Lots:

There are a bunch of daily use parking lots in Laguna, with price ranges up to $20/day. During the summer you can park at Lot 19 for free, and use the free transportation to get into and around Laguna Beach.

Free Parking:

You can find some free parking along the Pacific Coast Highway once you get out of the downtown area heading south.

I mentioned before that some of these beaches are within residential areas, and I think it is important to mention that the local residents might appreciate it if you did not park in the neighborhoods.

If you are going to park in a residential area, just be aware of the no parking zones, and definitely, do not block anyone’s driveway or pathway to their house. The streets in Laguna can be a little tricky and finding a spot in the neighborhoods may not be the easiest thing to do!

Read my full blog post on where to park in Laguna Beach.

Shuttle Service in Laguna Beach

If you are impatient and don’t like searching for a close parking spot, grab whatever you can find first and use the Laguna Beach Trolley to get where you need to go. Here is more information about the Laguna Beach trolley.

So there you have it, 8 of my all-time favorite beaches in Laguna Beach! I know this will be a tough question to answer, but which beach is your favorite?

Is there another beach that you think should be added to this list?

As always, thanks for reading! Enjoy Laguna Beach!

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8 of the Best Beaches in Laguna Beach8 of the Best Beaches in Laguna Beach8 of the Best Beaches in Laguna Beach

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