7 Attractions in Venice Beach You Won’t Want to Miss

The pride tower in Venice Beach, California

The attractions in Venice Beach seem to be limitless, there is always SOMETHING to see or do here.

The Venice Beach Boardwalk is one of those places, and it’s such a funky place that absolutely cannot be missed during a trip to Southern California. That’s why it’s on my SoCal Bucket List Challenge! With the hippie style, artists, street performers, and gorgeous beach, it’s one of those places that you will remember forever.

Venice Beach is definitely unique. You may see things here that you would not normally see such as “green” doctors, wacky street performers, religiously open-minded individuals, and hippies. It’s is an open-minded place with a wide variety of people, but I believe this is what makes it so fun and interesting to visit!

Ready to see what this funky beach city is all about?

Here are 7 Awesome Attractions in Venice Beach You Won’t Want to Miss!

The canals in Venice Beach, California

1. Venice Canals

It’s nice to take a stroll through the canals to admire the million-dollar homes that I know I will never be able to afford. I can dream though! Technically not on the boardwalk, the canals are only 2 blocks away so it’s worth the short detour.

2. Muscle Beach

I wonder if this place hires people to work out there just to entertain the public, or if these people are there for a real workout. But they are fun to watch! Feel free to buy a day pass and join them if you dare!

The graffiti art walls in Venice Beach, California

3. Graffiti Art Walls

One of my favorite attractions in Venice Beach is the graffiti art wall area!

I have never been to a city that allows this, but it’s such a great idea! It makes Venice so unique! Every weekend, painting is allowed (by permit), so the art is always different.

The Skatepark in Venice Beach, California

4. The Skatepark

I’m no skateboarder, but this skatepark looks pretty awesome to me! There’s always a crowd watching, and you can’t miss this skatepark that has a beautiful ocean view.

The pride tower in Venice Beach, California

5. Venice Pride Lifeguard Tower

This tower was supposed to be painted back to its original blue, but a bunch of people signed a petition to keep it as is. Be one of the thousands of people to snap an Insta-worthy photo with LA’s first official monument in the LGBT community! #VENICEPRIDE

Lifeguard towers in Venice Beach, California

6. Venice Beach

Of course, you absolutely have to take some time to enjoy the beach if you are in SoCal! It’s nice to just take a break and listen to the ocean.

The Venice sign in Venice Beach, California

7. The Venice Sign

Probably one of the most popular things to see in Venice Beach is this Instagram-famous sign. It can be found hanging over the crosswalk of Windward and Pacific Avenues, just one block off the boardwalk. See how many walks across the street it takes for you to get that perfect shot.

Bike ride on the Venice Beach Boardwalk

I would love you hear from you if you decide to head to the Venice Beach Boardwalk and see some of these things! Have you already been? What’s one of your favorite attractions in Venice Beach?


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