About That OC Girl

On the Huntington Beach Pier

Well hey there!

My name is Heather Saez and I’m a Wisconsin-born girl living in the beautiful state of California.

I started this blog to share all of my California adventures with you such as where to find the perfect beaches, the best food, fun activities, travel tips, itineraries, cheap things to do, and events from Orange County and surrounding areas (and anywhere else that I decide to go)! ⠀⠀

At 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach, California

Some people have the “California Dream” and would love to visit California, but can barely imagine vacationing here, let alone leaving the comfort of your home state and actually MOVING here. That’s ok; I felt the same way at one time. Relocating is a scary decision. I once made a decision to move to Mexico, stayed there for over 2 years, then decided to move to California. I never imagined I would actually be living in Mexico or California, but I did it, and so can you if you desire.

Riding a beach cruiser through Santa Monica, California

When I moved to Southern California I used other blogs as a source of information to help me find information about the area, so that’s what I want to do for you. I want to give back and provide as much information as I can to help you have the best vacation or learn how to navigate your new SoCal home.

Look to me as your SoCal guru. I will help you with tips on where to go, cheap things to do, sights to see, the best beaches, hiking spots, whatever you want. And if I don’t know the answer to your question, I will try my best to find the answer for you!

Eating Churros in San Diego

I hope to inspire you to take on new adventures, to travel, to visit California, live the California Dream, move abroad, get out and explore, start a blog, learn something new, or whatever it is you dream of doing.

At Treasure Island Beach in Laguna Beach, California

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t be afraid to contact me on social media!

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